2024 Proposed RAPID Act would give renewable energy siting office the power of eminent domain to take land for transmission projects

CWM Chemical Svcs., LLC RMU-2 hazardous waste landfill proceeding (NYSDEC and NYS Hazardous Waste Facility Siting Board), ongoing

Town of Copake et al. v. NYS Office of Renewable Energy Siting (filed June 29, 2021, Albany Co. Supreme Court) 

Alle-Catt Wind Energy litigation

NYISO tells NY Public Service Commission: wind farms in western NY and the north country do little good

Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale solid waste is being disposed at New York landfills

New York towns can still regulate wind farms under Article 10 of the Public Service Law

New York towns can ban or regulate solid waste landfills

“Nearly every one of us, nearly every day of his life, is contributing directly to the ruin of the planet.”  --Wendell Berry, “Think Little” in A Continuous Harmony (1971)

“A well-instructed liberal, who has behaved with the prescribed delicacy toward women and people of color, can consent to the plunder of the land and people of rural America and sleep like a conservative.” —Wendell Berry, The Need to Be Whole (forthcoming, 2022)


President Clinton's Executive Order on Environmental Justice (1997)

Review of Christopher Foreman, Jr., The Promise and Peril of Environmental Justice (1998)

Concepts of Community in Environmental Disputes: Farmersville and Western New York's Garbage War (1999)

The Market for Environmental Justice (2000)

Inconvenient Truths About Wind Energy (2010)

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