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updated 4/7/2011
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)
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It is a myth of the promoters of industrial farming that the smaller, sustainable family farm has to go.

Byrncliff Conference

Guide to Grieving Property Taxes for Homeowners Living Near Factory Farms

Union of Concerned Scientists: CAFOs Cost Taxpayers Billions

Pew Commission Says Industrial Scale Farm Animal Production Poses “Unacceptable” Risks to Public Health, Environment

Cattle produce more greenhouse gas than automobiles, according to UN study

premature births in the U.S. peak when pesticides and nitrates in surface water are highest (April-July)

Michigan bill would impose moratorium on new CAFOs pending further study

Tainted spinach may be linked to rare strain of E. Coli found in factory farm manure

Wisconsin environmental chief says the sheer amount of manure on the state's largest farms poses a threat to public health and the environment if not managed properly

Three million gallon earthen manure storage lagoon bursts on Marks Farm (Lewis Co., NY) causing a major fish kill August 11, 2005

Corn, green onions and cabbage absorb excess tetracycline antibiotics in CAFO animal waste applied to crop lands

Antibiotic resistant bacteria may be emitted into the air by CAFOs

Coverage of New York CAFO issues by Atlantic Chapter, Sierra Club

The Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (SAC) is an alliance of groups that together takes common positions on critical federal agricultural and environmental policy

SAC, No Time for Delay: A Sustainable Agriculture Agenda for the 2007 Farm Bill

A bill to exempt hazardous substances associated with livestock waste from regulation under the federal Superfund cleanup law is being considered by Congress.

Sample letter to your Congressperson opposing the bill

National Cattleman's Beef Association promotion of the bill

Congress has proved unwilling to enact such legislation, so the EPA proposes to exempt livestock waste and ammonia emissions from regulation administratively.

EPA to exempt farms from pollution reporting (March 20, 2007)

U.S. EPA has abandoned enforcement of the Clean Air Act against CAFOs that agree to participate in a long-term air monitoring program.

EPA list of CAFO parties to the agreement (NY CAFOs are on pp. 56-60)

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